Why Choose Loot4RS

There are plenty of reasons why choosing Loot4RS is the best option when buying Runescape gold over any other places.

Loot4RS Other Companies


Always USA based 100% of the time. The only representatives you will deal with at Loot4RS are americans. We pay very well so we can hire top tier employees to speak professionally to customers while providing excellent service.


Representatives usually are not american and don’t speak English properly. A language barrier can cause confusion and misunderstanding.

Members (safe)

Loot4RS always uses member accounts to keep things safe. Yes, it costs us billions per month to maintain active memberships but your safety is our #1 priority.

Non-Member (risky)

Companies that use free to play accounts can care less if you or them get banned or not. The use throwaway accounts or don’t trade you directly since the ban is already expected with their high risk business practices.

Loyalty Program

Loot4RS has an amazing loyalty program with perks that include bonuses, discounts, IRL items, and so much more! Please check out our loyalty page for more information.

Gold Diggers

No loyalty program, no discounts, no IRL items. Everyone is just a customer for that day. 


with Loot4RS. The price you see is the price you pay. There is NO hidden fee that your hit with later.

Lots of hidden fees

Out of country processing fee’s + normal processing fees put on the customer. Every other place advertises one price but when you proceed to checkout, your hit with the fees making your gold much more expensive than you originally thought. They do this so you continue to through their checkout and hopefully don't realize.

Real People
All of our employees are real RS players. They know the game and have been in most customers shoes. They know how it feels to get a 99 skill or a fire cape or a skilling pet. All our employees can even offer advice on RS if you ask.

Basically Robots

Hired just to do the job and move on to the next person. They don’t play RS and can’t answer any questions about the game if it doesn’t involve buying or selling gold.