3 reasons why you should

Buy Runescape Gold

instead of grinding for it yourself in 2020

1. Save time and enjoy more of the game
2. Your Runescape purchase will hold value
3. Save money on memberships

Many players are on the edge of whether or not they want to invest money into buying Runescape gold. There are so many benefits to purchasing gold over earning it in-game. Below, I’ll go over the main ones.

Stop playing inefficiently…

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen a player training strength with a magic amulet or using gear that isn’t the right fit for the task. This is completely inefficient and consumes so much extra time wasted in game to complete a goal. Buying RS gold can get you the best in slot armor and weapons to obtain the maximum experience you can achieve per hour.

Let’s do some math…
The average job pays over $10 (USD) an hour. Considering this is just the average, let’s now look at how much Runescape gold someone can make in an hour. One of the best in game money making methods is Zulrah, making around 2M per hour but not every player is strong or skilled enough to get those types of results. Buying gold will improve your gear making tasks much easier, saving you time. A $20 investment into Runescape gold can save you over 20 hours of time in the game. It’s a no brainer.

One shift for 8 hours @ 10 dollars an hour = $80 to spend.

If you were to take that money and buy gold, your looking at over 120m! YES! Over 120m!!! at today’s rates. If you spent 8 hours in the game doing anything, you’d be lucky to make 10M. It saves so much time to just buy the gold and get right into the fun!

What is Runescape gold worth? And why people invest into it.

Your purchase will likely hold value…

Unlike other games, once you buy it, you can’t return it. Runescape is different in this sense. You can buy gold to get the items you need and be more efficient but what do you do when you’re done playing? Or have too much gold? You can sell it! Yes that’s right! You can get real cash for the gold you don’t want or need.

We collected pricing data on both the buy and sell prices of gold to websites that are trusted over a 3 year span. The data shows us that the average buy and sell price for old school Runescape has been slightly declining but, has maintained a pretty steady worth. (remember we are looking at the price per million which ranges on a high of $1.50 a million down to $0.65 a million, but if you bought at $1.50 and even sold at $0.50, you would still keep 33% of what you spent. This is a huge plus because even in that worst case scenario you got to enjoy Runescape without spending much or investing waste less hours grinding in game.

However, you most likely won’t get only 33% back, due to the fact that the average buy price is $1.14 and the average sell is $0.88 a million pretty much showing in 3 years the price has been fairly steady. Only recently has the Runescape gold price dropped.

Being that this game is about 20 years old, this game continues to stay very relevant and does not seem to be going anywhere. So, at the time of this writing you are actually getting the best price historically on buying gold than any time in the last 3 years.

Today, you can find a reliable source to buy all the gold you have and you can find almost any payment option that you prefer including PayPal, bitcoin, zelle, venmo, or even cash fairly easily!

How much does a Runescape account sell for?
Once you’re done, you can sell your account too..

On top of Runescape gold holding value, runescape accounts also have value as well. All the time invested into your account increase its value. An account with no quests, no achievements, no items, and just 99 att/str/def/hp can go for $400! Imagine an account that’s completely maxed and has quests. They can bring in quite a pretty penny. This makes buying the GP a worthwhile expense, since you are able to get the gold back and even use the gold to build up your account, to be sold at a later point.

So let’s redo the math with the intent to sell back the account as well as the gold after you are done playing in 1-2 years. You bought 100m today at today’s rate which is $68 and let’s say in 2 years the price stays about the same (buy $0.68/M, sell $.50/M) So you end up selling the gold back for $50. But you also built up your account using the 100m. In turn, you sold this account for $100, leaving you with a small profit ($100 + $50 = $150 sold - $68 original expense = $82 profit).

In another scenario where you decided to invest time in grinding for the gold instead of just buying it you would have different results. Since you grinded, you made less gold, let’s say 20m and since you never had enough gold, you never got that far in the game, making your account worth less and probably meaning you just enjoyed the game less overall.

Can you buy Runescape membership with gold?

Buying Runescape gold also can save you money on membership. Like most people, Runescape takes a lot of your time since it’s a game that takes a lot to master and complete. At $9.99+ per month for membership, that can really add up but you can reduce this cost by buying gold and running to the Grand Exchange and then buying membership. You can buy a membership bond! They currently go for about $2.50 worth of gold. ONLY $2.50! You’ll end up spending over $120 in a year buying membership with a credit card and imagine if you have more than 1 account (which many of us players do). Those membership costs can really add up so you should certainly take advantage of those bonds.

The math…

Worst: Grind for the gold to get membership: 10 hours of work

Ehh: Pay $9.99 for a membership

Best: Buy about $2.50 gold for your membership

To sum it all up

Buying gold makes sense for 3 main reasons over considering to make it yourself in game. It is not efficient because you will spend way more time on redundant tasks than working a simple job for cash. The money you invest into the game will be really easy to get back once you are done. There are tons of legitimate sites to sell your gold. And lastly, you probably need a membership and at 1/4th the price, buying the gold is much cheaper. Let’s be honest, you will be able to get further in the game and actually enjoy it before getting tired and moving onto a new game.

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