Sell Runescape Gold FAQ

Payments are made instantly via whichever payment option was agreed upon with the live chat representative your working with. We WILL NOT take your gold if we cannot pay you instantly. If for any reason there is an error in paying, you will be refunded our gold immediately.
We typically complete an order from the moment its paid for to the moment it's delivered within 3 minutes.
We offer PayPal, zelle, venmo, and bitcoin. With special requests we can do other payment methods such as western union, moneygram, walmart2walmart or even CASH if we have someone local. If it's possible for us, we will always try our best to make it happen for you!
This only happens the first time a person receives money and is quite common. PayPal sends an email to the PayPal email since the account was never verified. Once that is done, the money goes to your balance and then the PayPal works forever after!

Any other country =
$1 for < $20
5% for $20-$100
$5 for anything over $100

We have thousands of verified reviews we are always willing to provide and we are also always happy to do small amounts at a time at the customer's request.
The market is purely based on supply and demand and the prices flow accordingly. We have a HUGE demand so we’re always offering a great rate.
No we do not price match. Sometimes making an extra $10 per billion isn’t worth getting your account banned. We conduct very safe business practices so buying and selling with us is always safer.
Yes, we can trade through staking.
Yes, we ALWAYS use member accounts
You can sell any amount of gold to us. We buy any amount of gold at any moment. We’re always here for a quick and easy liquidation!
The minimum you can sell to us is 5M OSRS or 25M RS3.