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At Loot4rs we believe in building a true relationship with our customers. As a US based company we understand the importance of a solid appreciation for our loyal customers. To participate in looter day, you only need to be bronze status which is only 120 points! Once your there, you get to take advantage FOREVER!

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Rather than offer constant salesy/gimmicky coupons, that are really just trying to get another sale, we designed looter day!!!

Don't worry we always monitor the market to offer the best rates with no hidden fees.

Looter day is a special reward day to show our appreciation to our customers. It offers the best and most fun deals out there. Really making gold buying a pleasure. Looter day can ALSO be combined with your loyalty status benefits.

Looter day is exclusively for our bronze tier customers and higher.

LooterDay is on the 10th & 20th of every month!!!

Trust us you won't want to miss it, you will never see deals as good as Looter day! So if you really want a coupon, get bronze status and purchase on Looter day.

Here are what a few customers had to say

Best site hands down. Safe. Secure. Fast. Looter day specials are awesome! won a 31m GP item today along with my order. Will back! - BigM Nov 20, 2019
wow this website it's legit amazing and the looter day it's super fun, deff recommend it , thank you guys - Lovelyman Oct 20, 2019
I have used these guys many time to get gp and always quick and easy also if you have not purchased gp during looter day I would highly suggest doing that I just won a game of price is right and made a nice chunk worth on top of what I had purchased!!! - reniculous Oct 20, 2019

What can you expect on looter day?
Here are some past deals.

  • 777 Deal - 7 Mil bonus when you spend $77+
  • Price is Right - Guess the value of the item correctly and you will win the item!!!
  • Mystery Bag - Choose a number between 1-28 and win whatever item you land it.

We are always changing up the deals so it never gets old and once your bronze, you can always participate!

For example : A gold status customer would get 5% off and 1 million free and the looter day promotion! Sometimes we’ll lose money on the transaction but that's what looter day is about! Showing our appreciation to our loyal customers.

When can I find out the next offer? We work hard the day prior to looter day to stock up on gold for our customers so we can offer something amazing! We release the details of the offer on the 10th and 20th of every month.

Ready to be a looter? Make your purchase today!