Buy Runescape Gold FAQ

The most a new customer can buy through PayPal for the first week is $500. As time passes and you become a higher status on our loyalty program, you can buy more and eventually have no limit at all for PayPal. We also have lots of payment options with no limits at all, even for new customers.
We typically complete an order from the moment its paid for to the moment it's delivered within 3 minutes.
We have thousands of reviews that any representative from our live chat would be happy to direct you to so you can see them for yourself.
We usually meet in the duel arena bank, you can be there ahead of time to speed up the process.
Loot4Rs may request additional documentation for certain orders to verify the legitimacy of your payment. But, do not worry If we do we only ask for what we already have access to, feel free to check out our article on verification.
Your status represents the bonuses and discounts you get as a loyal customer. We have a link on our loyalty page where you can search your email and find out your exact current status and points
Every 10th and 20th and lasts 24 hours! Click here for more information on Looter day.
Per your request, we can have the gold staked to you.
You must be a member. Straying from this rule not only puts you at risk but every single one of our other customers. We enforce this rule to ensure safety for everyone. Check out our article on buying gold safely.
No! We do not have any hidden fees. The price you see is the pay you pay.