Michael earned over $200 in FREE OSRS gold, here's how he did it!

How it all Started

Michael is a year old Silver Tier customer, one day, Michael came to us and asked, "Hey so, I am loyal to you guys, and I want to get more OSRS gold but don't have much to spend. Is there anything you can do?"

That got us thinking and gave us an idea, what if there was a way he could earn more points, get free gold and look good in front of his friends. We asked Michael, what if we set up a referral program? This solution could solve your problem using our budget to find new customers and instead of spending that on ads we can give that to you directly. He liked the idea but was a little weary as he wasn't sure if he had enough friends. We said, "well, 2-3 friends is a good start; we can put it together and see how it goes". He agreed. 

The Plan

Fast forward... 6 months, our new loyalty program has been completed, and we reach out to Michael. Hey, so here is how it will work:

Both you and a friend can earn up to $10 of free gold when your friend becomes a customer. - We wanted to share the wealth with both your friend and you so that you look cool and your friend is more inclined to sign up too. 

We also added goals and bonuses for Michael to earn more, incentivizing him to tell his friends about it. 

He was excited. 

First Attempt at FREE OSRS GOLD

Three days in, and already his two friends joined. 

On his first spin, he earned $8 worth of gold. 

and on the second $5 free gold

Not too bad! $13... but there was more! 

He also hit a bonus and got $10 free! Just like that!

Let's recap two friends in the bag and got that quickly got him $23 in free gold!

He also got 100 points which gave him enough to upgrade to Gold Tier (check out the loyalty program here); he immediately redeemed his free monthly spin and got another $3 in free gold. His total was $26

Excited about what just happened. Michael wanted to do more....

No Luck

First. he spammed all his friends on FB, but not enough were actual players. Just some interest but no solid luck. 

Next, he went on an FB group and posted. But the admins did not like that. 

Three days no luck. Just as Michael thought, he was not sure how he could get more friends. 

I was thinking differently to reach his goal.

Then it dawned on him; he was talking to the wrong friends. Michael had a good amount of friends, and all though he never really asked, he knew at least 50% of his in-game friends were buying gold. So, he went to Discord, where some friends had already added, and asked them 1. If they were buying gold and where? Almost all of them said, yeah, time-to-time so that I don't have to grind for it.

Michael was on to something!

After some solid questions, some friends didn't have a "homesite" and were open to it since they would also get such a good deal on their first order. I mean up to $10 free gold! How can you beat that? 

Just like that, another four people... His wheel spins were $10, $10!!!! $5, $8 = $33 more free gold! 

He also hit another milestone, and one bonus = another $30 in free gold!

Michael was now up to $89 in free OSRS gold in just eight days!

The new challenge

Here is where the second problem occurred. So Michael went back to RuneScape (both RS3 and OSRS) and asked friends in-game to add him on Discord, where he chatted, more players using the same strategy. A few had a solid place or source they were happy with, and they kicked back that the price was sometimes lower. 

Michael was stumped. 

The Solution

He decided to come to chat with us about that. We told Michael there were three main reasons and a ton of sub reasons that we are different. 

1. You will get up to $10 free on your first gold; that makes us cheaper by far than any site. Buy just once and get this insane deal.

2. Our service is just way way better. USA based reps, Transfer safety, Loose rewards program. Reliability and super fast speed.

3. We offer real payment options: Many card options, Easy processing, Almost non-existent verification, No deposits. 

Michael, was like "those are exactly why I buy here too. Great points!"

He went back to these friends... and whallah... they all realized these were pain points that they had too. And told him, "they would give it a try." 

He provided the links and waited. 

Finally, the results...

Over the next 2 weeks, friends clicked his link and bought.
8  more friends signed up! 

$4, $5, $8, $8, $10, $4, $5, $10= $54 more + 4 more bonuses and achievements 3 x $10 and 1 $30 bonus  = $203 total free OSRS gold!

In just about three weeks and almost no effort, Michael was able to rack up over $200 in free OSRS gold + over 700 loyalty points (Getting him to platinum Tier).

He was so thrilled that he shared this story with us. We loved it so much! we wrote about his experience and posted it for you. 

If Michael can do it so can you!!!!

Check out the program we designed around Michael