Should I Grind Or Should I Buy Wow Classic Gold?

 Ok, you’re going to think we’re biased because you can buy WoW classic gold on our website, and you’re right, we are biased. Yes, you should buy WOW classic gold; no, you shouldn’t grind it out like a stamp licker. That’s our perspective and we’re sticking to it. But we’ll explain where we’re coming from.

And we’re not going to give you a short explanation and run off into a raid like Leeroy Jenkins (wow, what a great reference from 2005; yeah, we’re hip, deal with it). This is why we think that you should buy WoW classic gold and avoid grinding it out.

Just Enjoy the Game

Simple advice. The mechanics of grinding were created for the game back when it was launched in 2004 because they had to create a grind. Players had to start at level 1 and move up. So the grind was necessary.

What’s ironic is that grinding is faster than questing. Even Blizzard admits that on their forums. But what kind of game mechanics put the boring grind over the fun quest? That’s a broken system that is decades old. If you want to enjoy the game and spend more time actually having fun (what a concept), then buy WoW classic gold and stick it to the man.

You Have Limited Time

Speaking of time, how much of it do you have? Between raids, selling gold online, making snarky comments on Reddit, telling our girlfriends that online gaming can be a legitimate form of income and fun at the same time, and laughing at memes, personally, our time is limited. We’re going to take a shot in the dark and guess yours is too.

It’s More Common Than You Think

Of course, there are no real figures available online, so we cannot say for sure how many people are buying WOW classic gold online. But the number is much larger than anyone thinks. How do we know and how can we make that claim? Call it intuition, call it a feeling, call it the fact that we are a part of the industry itself and all of the sellers meet like the Council of Elrond in Fellowship of The Ring and discuss numbers. Okay, that last part was a lie, but the point is that many players are buying WoW classic gold.

There’s Too Much To Do

Choose more than one race, go on more than a few quests and spend more time getting the full WoW experience. You can only do that if you actually buy WoW classic gold.

Yes, yes, yes, we can already hear the purists saying that grinding is part of the experience. It is the first time. But once you’ve killed 500 boars, you should never have to hear that damn squeal ever again.

So go ahead and grind the first time; and hey, you probably already did. Most of our users have already grinded it out. We have experienced raiders that buy WoW classic gold from us all the time. The truth is that the players that come to our site come here because they want to get more out of the game.

Like we mentioned before, when you’re ready to see more of the World of Warcraft, buy the gold, get out there and play more. Buy World of Warcraft Gold now.

You can be a boar killer or a dragon slayer… it’s your choice.