Exploring F2P OSRS Quests: The Start of your Runescape Journey

Exploring F2P OSRS Quests: The Start of your Runescape Journey


Old School RuneScape (OSRS) has captivated players for years, offering a nostalgic journey through a medieval fantasy world. For those looking to level up quickly and efficiently with some help, various services in the game cater to different needs, including the popular OSRS levelling service, services RuneScape, and the sought-after OSRS questing service. Let's delve into which F2P OSRS Quests are the easiest and which F2P OSRS quests are the most important.


Summary of Free-to-Play OSRS Quests:


Free-to-play OSRS quests introduce players to the game's lore, mechanics, and environments. These quests range from simple tasks to more complex challenges, providing a diverse gaming experience. As players embark on these quests, they may need assistance, leading to the emergence of services RuneScape to aid in levelling and questing.


Complete List of Free-to-Play OSRS Quests:

  • 1) Cook's Assistant
  • 2) Demon Slayer
  • 3) The Restless Ghost
  • 4) Romeo & Juliet
  • 5) Sheep Shearer
  • 6) Shield of Arrav
  • 7) Ernest The Chicken
  • 8) Vampyre Slayer
  • 9) Imp Catcher
  • 10) Prince Ali Rescue
  • 11) Doric's Quest
  • 12) Black Knights' Fortress
  • 13) Witch's Potion
  • 14) The Knight's Sword
  • 15) Goblin Diplomacy
  • 16) Pirate's Treasure
  • 17) Dragon Slayer I
  • 18) Rune Mysteries
  • 19) Misthalin Mystery
  • 20) The Corsair Curse
  • 21) X Marks The Spot
  • 22) Below Ice Mountain


What are the easiest or most challenging F2P OSRS quests? What are the shortest or longest F2P OSRS quests?


Easy Difficulty and Very Short Length

  1. Cook's Assistant
  2. Sheep Shearer
  3. Ernest The Chicken
  4. Doric's Quest
  5. Witch's Potion
  6. Goblin Diplomacy
  7. Pirate's Treasure
  8. X Marks The Spot


Easy Difficulty and Short Length


  1. Demon Slayer
  2. The Restless Ghost
  3. Romeo & Juliet
  4. Shield Of Arrav
  5. Imp Catcher
  6. Prince Ali Rescue
  7. Rune Mysteries
  8. Misthalin Mystery
  9. The Corsair Curse
  10. Below Ice Mountain


Medium Difficulty and Very Short Length

  1. Vampyre Slayer
  2. Black Knights' Fortress


Medium Difficulty and Short Length

  1. The Corsair Curse


Hard Difficulty and Medium Length

  1. Dragon Slayer I
  2. Quest Rewards and Their Impact:


Completing these quests contributes to a player's overall progression and provides valuable rewards. If you complete every f2p OSRS quest, you'll also gain 44 Quest Points. Additionally, there is always an opportunity for those considering using OSRS levelling services or the OSRS questing service to expedite their progress as they wish.


Services Runescape – Catering to Player Needs:


As players navigate the vast world of Gielinor, they may encounter challenges that necessitate external assistance. Services RuneScape, including the popular OSRS levelling service and OSRS questing service, offers solutions for those seeking a boost in levels or quick and efficient quest completions. These services provide a shortcut for players who value their time or wish to experience specific aspects of the game without as much of the grind.


OSRS F2P Quest Rewards


Many f2p osrs quests are requirements to complete other things in Runescape. Some of them also unlock new areas or items that enhance gameplay significantly. Some of the most notable rewards from OSRS f2p quests would be :


  1. Dragon Slayer I—Unlocks the ability to wear Rune Platebody and Dragon D H'hide Body Pieces. Completing this quest is also a requirement for many other quests, such as Dragon Slayer II.
  2. Shield of Arrav - Needed requirement to complete a variety of other quests.
  3. Rune Mysteries - Access to new areas and mining Rune Essence to create runes.




Free-to-play OSRS quests form the foundation of a player's journey in Gielinor. As players progress, the availability of services Runescape, such as the OSRS levelling service and OSRS questing service, becomes increasingly significant for those seeking a streamlined and efficient gaming experience. Let's face it. Runescape is not a game you can complete in one day. It takes time and dedication. Embrace the adventure, complete quests, and consider these services to elevate your Old School RuneScape journey to new heights.