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Common Mobile Runescape Gold questions

How to buy mobile oldschool Runescape Gold?

1. Complete your purchase on our website
3. You will then be directed to our live chat
4. Be ready to meet in the duel arena bank.

Buy mobile Oldschool Runescape Gold Safe

Buying Mobile Oldschool runescape with Loot4RS is the safest way to get gold. With thousands of reviews we can ensure delivery will be flawless! Buy Gold Safely Article

How do I receive mobile Oldschool Gold?

Once, in the duel arena bank in a member world, let your chat representative know you are ready, and they will meet you there within seconds. Trade the gold, confirm it is you in chat and get the gold!

Why should someone buy Mobile Oldschool Runescape Gold?

Playing on mobile is fun, meeting up with clans, Pking, Skilling Staking all the best parts of Mobile Runescape. What isn’t fun is getting the gold in game. This can take hours what you can get in seconds and just for a few dollars. Read why you should buy Mobile Runescape here

What makes Loot4rs the best site to buy Oldschool Mobile Gold?

We work with mobile customers every day. We work hard to make the process smooth and as seamless as possible. Read more here

Why people still play Mobile Oldschool Runescape?

In 2018, OSRS mobile came out creating a new surge of players, and bring back old ones as well. This surge sparked the game to new levels. Runescape has tons of adventures Old school players have not touched yet.

Is Mobile OSRS the same as Old School Runescape Gold, Runescape 2007 Gold, Old School Mobile gold?

Yes, OSRS stands for Old School Runescape

Old School Runescape Gold
The Full Name

This is the same name, GP just means gold pieces

Runescape 2007 Gold
Some people use this name, because it was the year the OSRS was released.

RS2007 Gold
This is an abbreviation to the name.

Runescape 07 Gold
Full Name, shorter year name

RS 07 Gold
This is the shortest text, to explain Runescape 2007

OSRS Money
Money is the gold used in game.

OSRS Mills
This is an abbreviation to millions in Oldschool Runescape.

Oldschool Runescape Mobile
Many people think this is a different game, however it is the same game just played through mobile, the same players on PC are the same on Mobile as well.

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